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Vendor Insurance

Vendor insurance

As the owner of a mobile small business you face the possibility of increased liability due to working in different venues and under a variety of conditions. This increase exposure to risk requires you to consider how much protection against liability your business has.

Vendor insurance comes with many different names. It can be called concessionaires insurance, exhibitor insurance, short term insurance, or special event insurance. Regardless of the name, vendor insurance is designed for exhibitors and vendors to protect your business while promoting and selling your products and services. It helps to protect you from liability claims that can result from unexpected accidents that you could feasibly be held liable for.

Since you do not operate out of a fixed location such as a store front, most of the public entities that you contract to work from, be it a mall kiosk, in-store service area, arts festival, or county fair, you will most likely be required to show proof that you carry vendor insurance before being allowed to conduct business in order to protect them from an accident related to your business.

One common requirement is that your vendor insurance allows you to name a third party as an additional insured in order to protect the entity that you are contracted with. Most insurance policies allow you to name a third party as additional insured at no additional cost.

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