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Professional Liability

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What is Professional Liability Insurance?

With the growing number of lawsuits being filed against professionals across many industries, more and more professionals are turning towards Professional Liability Insurance. Professional liability insurance offers protection for professional service providers in case of a claim of liability. –

For Medical Professionals

In the medical field, doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals are wise to obtain medical malpractice insurance. These policies are protection for healthcare professionals in the event that they are deemed to have committed a professional error that resulted in injuries or damage to a patient. Almost all practicing healthcare provider should have medical malpractice insurance coverage to protect against any claim of negligence or liability resulting from errors committed during the routine completion of their duties.

Other Professionals

Doctors aren’t the only professionals that can benefit from professional liability insurance. Insurance agents, real estate agents, lawyers, and other highly skilled professionals that provide service or advice should carry liability insurance known as errors and omissions insurance. Similar to medical malpractice insurance, errors and omissions policies offer essential protection if an mistake or omission leads to financial loss for a client who subsequently files a claim against the professional.

Any professional can be the target of a liability lawsuit. --If you are a professional and are sued for professional liability, personal assets like your car, home, and other possessions are at risk. A simple mistake could mean financial ruin, and cause long term damage to your career. If you feel professional liability insurance is right for you, call us today for your personalized quote.