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What would happen in the event that someone was hurt in an unfortunate accident for which you are found liable? Will your current liability insurance policy cover the costs of your being found guilty of negligence?

No one knows just how much a judge and jury might award the injured person in a negligence case. For that reason, a personal umbrella insurance policy is a smart choice for everyone with assets to protect, not just the wealthy. Our civil courts award larger amounts for damages than ever before, and your homeowners, car, and other property policies have limits on the amounts of damages they will cover.

Umbrella insurance is designed to give additional liability protection that goes beyond the standard limits on personal insurance policies. By adding a personal umbrella policy you gain an additional one to five million dollars of protection. This added benefit is designed to cover the amount of damages once your existing liability policies have reached their maximum benefit amount.

Adding a personal umbrella insurance policy to protect against liability is usually very affordable. For the added protection you gain, the cost is minimal yet offers broad protection to cover your non-business related activities whether an incident occurs at home, on the road, or anywhere you are in the world. With the low cost and added protection, a personal liability insurance policy is coverage that no one should be without.

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