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Intellectual Property Insurance

Intellectual Property Insurance

For over 20 years, Intellectual Property Insurance Services Corporation (IPISC) has maintained its reputation as the industry leader and expert in managing risk and protecting the value of companies' intellectual property. As the original architect of intellectual property insurance, IPISC continues to pioneer advanced strategies to remain the market leader in the dynamic field of intellectual property.

IPISC’s insurance products are designed to help safeguard a company’s IP and their right to sell products. If a company’s intellectual property (IP) is involved in litigation, IPISC ‘s specialized IP insurance products are the only risk transfer tools that can ensure the funds are available to pay legal expenses to enforce or defend their IP rights. Consider the following IP insurance products:

IP Defense Insurance: Defense insurance reimburses the litigation expenses to defend against charges of infringing another’s IP rights by the products or services that they are selling, and may cover potential damages.

IP Abatement Insurance: Abatement insurance is a unique plaintiff’s policy, which reimburses the litigation expenses to enforce IP against alleged infringers.

Unauthorized Disclosure Insurance: Unauthorized Disclosure insurance reimburses the litigation expenses to defend against charges of the unauthorized or unintentional disclosure of a third party’s entrusted confidential information.

Multi-Peril Insurance: Multi-Peril is first-party coverage for decreased value in the insured’s assets resulting from losing IP litigation, and reimburses money directly to the policy holder beyond the legal costs of the underlying case.

Without specific IP insurance in place, companies are often left with less than favorable means to cover the cost of litigation. In the event of IP litigation, the protection afforded by our products, and IPISC’s experience as the industry leaders in IP insurance products, gives companies the ability to protect their IP, i.e. their competitive advantage. . IPISC is proud to play a vital role in keeping companies viable by offsetting the extraordinary legal expenses incurred through IP litigation