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General Liability

General Liability in CA

OptiStar is a commercial general liability insurance specialist that is committed to helping protect businesses like yours from the financial liability that comes from third party claims for property damages, personal injury, medical claims, and more.

  • We are business specialists with the knowledge and expertise to build customized commercial and contractor general liability plans to protect you from risks to your business
  • Our knowledgeable agents put your needs first and provide best in class service.
  • Our commercial and contractor general liability coverage covers most standard business insurance requirements.
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Why general liability insurance?

Commercial general liability insurance protects you when a third party sues you, or your business, for an accident, injury, or other damages. Some common situations which expose you to liability are:

  • When you work on a client’s site or a client is visiting your business.
  • When you have access to a client’s equipment, property, or technology.
  • When you are in a position to publically comment on a clients business.
  • When you rent facilities for business activities, such as for seminars, conferences, etc.
  • When you are entering into a contract that requires you carry general liability insurance.

Case Study

As a general contractor working at a client site, your client trips over an extension cord you are using and hurts their back while inspecting your work. As the contractor you are responsible for the safety of your work area and you might be liable for the client’s injury. Whether the injury is truly your fault or not, a Contractor General Liability policy can protect you against a covered claim and help to pay for your court costs and any potential damages.